Alomas Shampoo Delicato ai Semi Lino Idratante e Ristrutturante – 1000 ml



Alomas flaxseed shampoo is a delicate product ideal for frequent use, capable of delicately cleansing while respecting the balance and PH of skin and hair.

The flaxseed oil contained in our formula is an excellent natural nutrient, useful for counteracting the formation of split ends and dehydration of the hair.

Its restructuring properties are given by the particular composition rich in fatty acids and a high presence of Linoleic Acid, capable of hydrating the hair without weighing it down and giving elasticity and resistance to the fibre.

Ideal for all hair types and for frequent use, it gently cleanses.


Apply 1/2 walnuts of product to wet hair, massaging delicately, then rinse thoroughly with water.

We recommend completing the treatment with the application of the Pop Italy Delicate Linseed Mask and then the Alomas Polishing Liquid Crystals with Linseed Oil.