Alomas Shampoo Bio Concentree Idratante per Capelli Secchi e Crespi SENZA SLS E PARABENI – 1000 ml



The Alomas Bio Concentree Moisturizing Regenerating Shampoo for frizzy or dry hair is a specific treatment formulated exclusively with active ingredients of organic plant origin and enriched with Japanese Camellia oil, Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang essential oil.

The precious cosmetic properties of Camellia oil make it an ideal product to take care of your dry hair in an effective and targeted way, while Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang essential oil balance and purify the scalp.

Its components first of all allow the hair fiber to be strengthened, thanks to the nourishment guaranteed by the vitamin E contained in the trochophenols, while the massive presence of oleic acid allows damaged hair to regenerate in a healthy and long-lasting way, so as to appear shiny and very soft at the touch.

Its high concentration of vitamins A and E also make our shampoo a powerful moisturizer as well as an effective anti-aging capable of giving new life to even the most brittle and dull hair.

Oleic acid, in combination with Aloe Vera, contained in high quantities in Camellia oil, known for its high antiseptic properties, purifies the scalp from dandruff and smog, giving your hair a healthy and shiny appearance.

The Ylang Ylang essential oil and Aloe Barbadensis contained in our formula have a dual action, stimulating and purifying on the scalp, and hydrating, nourishing and protective on the hair fibre.

Formula free of SLS and parabens


Apply 1/2 walnuts of product based on length to wet hair, massaging from root to tip, rinse carefully.

We recommend using it in combination with the Alomas Bio Concentree Moisturizing Regenerating Mask.