Alomas Maschera Riparatrice Riequilibrante all’Olio di Macadamia – 250 ml



The Alomas Mask with Macadamia nut oil, a true natural cell renewer, source of vitamin E, is ideal for those who want to improve the health and appearance of their hair by making it nourished, soft, hydrated and shiny.

Particularly suitable for those with brittle, dry or frizzy hair, it makes it docile, shiny and shiny, also helping to detangle it in a natural and delicate way.

Macadamia oil, rich in oleic and palmitoleic acid, has a strong keratinizing action capable of promoting the renewal of hair cells and giving hair softness and a healthy, luminous appearance.

It also rebalances the lipid secretion of the hair fibre, restoring the correct level of humidity and counteracting long-term dehydration.

The exclusive formulation, rich in natural lipids, has excellent results in repairing fragile and extremely damaged hair from treatments or sun and chlorine.


After shampooing, on wet hair, apply 1/2 walnuts of product on lengths and ends, massaging delicately, leave on for about 1 minute and rinse thoroughly.

We recommend using it in combination with the Macadamia Oil Rebalancing Shampoo and then with the Alomas Macadamia Oil Crystals.