Alomas Maschera Milk per Capelli Crespi e Secchi – 1000 ml



The Alomas Milk Mask, enriched with natural milk proteins, is a product specifically designed to restore the correct acidic PH of the hair and scalp, giving the hair fiber the correct hydration and structure.

The use of a product with an alkaline PH can lead to the weakening of the hair, contributing to charging it with negative electrical energy and causing a consequent breakage of the cuticle.

The Milk line, on the contrary, with its acidic PH, helps to close the cuticles, nourishing the hair fiber deeply and giving a healthy appearance and the right structure to the hair.

Its specific formula acts on the most sensitive areas by hydrating and eliminating frizz and electrostatic charge, while the proteins contained in its formulation also make the hair soft and easy to comb.


After shampooing, on wet hair, apply 1/2 walnuts of product on lengths and ends, massaging delicately, leave on for about 1 minute and rinse thoroughly.

We recommend using it in combination with Milk Shampoo.