Alomas Maschera Anti-Crespo ad Effetto Liscio Immediato – 1000 ml



The Alomas Immediate Smooth Effect Mask is a specific treatment, enriched with hydrating milk proteins, ideal for frizzy and difficult to straighten hair, it has a restructuring, deeply hydrating and anti-frizz action capable of giving the hair a long-lasting smooth and flowing appearance. duration.

Milk proteins have a conditioning, restructuring and protective effect on the hair, furthermore the acidic PH of its formulation acts on the most sensitive areas and nourishes the hair fiber making it soft, shiny and easy to comb.

The Alomas Smooth Effect Mask makes drying with a smooth effect easier and quicker, hydrating the hair and combating frizz throughout the day.

Thanks to its delicate formula it is a product suitable for all hair types.


Apply one/two walnuts of product to wet hair after shampooing based on the length of the hair, concentrating more on the ends, massage carefully for 1/2 minutes in order to facilitate the penetration of the product into the hair fibre, leave on for 3/5 minutes and rinse with water.

To ensure greater effectiveness of the product we recommend using it in combination with the Alomas Immediate Smooth Effect Shampoo.