Alomas Keratine Mask No Rinse – Maschera Capelli alla Cheratina Senza Risciacquo – 250 ml



The Alomas Leave-In Keratin Mask is an effective hair restructuring formulated with pure Keratin which, with its specific healing action, nourishes and eliminates frizz, helping the hair to remain smooth and flowing.

Keratin, a protein made up of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, is one of the main constituents of the hair, the deficiency of which causes weakening, dryness and slowdown in growth.

Thanks to our specific formula with pure Keratin, capable of binding to the hair fibre, your hair will regain vitality and health, appearing brighter and smoother. 

Particularly suitable for frizzy or dry hair, it is also an excellent method of restoring nutrition to the hair after technical treatments or coloring and bleaching.

Its delicate formulation is suitable for all hair types, does not weigh it down and helps to eliminate frizz for a long time.

A single simple gesture can restore strength and vitality to your hair, give it a healthy and shiny appearance and help you style your hair


On towel-dried or dry hair, rub 1/2 knobs of product between your fingers depending on the length and apply to lengths and ends, insisting on the latter in case of particularly frizzy and dry hair. Comb your hair to evenly distribute the product and proceed with drying and styling as desired.

Used on dry hair it allows you to restore shape and volume to the hair effortlessly, reviving the style.