Alomas Hyaluron Filler Trattamento Rinnovatore Ricostituente con Acido Ialuronico Effetto Filler – 50 ml + 50 ml



The professional Hyaluron Filler treatment by Alomas is a concentrate of hyaluronic acid, keratin and nutrients for the hair fibre, capable of deeply regenerating all types of hair.

It guarantees effective reconstruction, ideal in case of loss of hair tone and aging caused by age, aggressive treatments, dyes and sun exposure. 

It immediately gives vitality, body, strength and softness to the hair for a long-lasting regenerating result of great effect.

Contains Hyaluronic Acid, an exceptional anti-aging agent capable of making even the most fragile and brittle hair soft and resistant, improving cellular integrity thanks to its anti-oxidant and highly hydrating action.

Its formula enriched with plant proteins, keratin and minerals is a real boost of nourishment and strength for all hair types.

Alomas Italy Hyaluron Filler can be used to restore strength, vitality and a healthy, luminous appearance to hair stressed by technical treatments such as bleaching, perms, dyes, or even sun, chlorine and smog. 

The package contains 2 bottles to mix

Treatment N°1 – a boost rich in hyaluronic acid, keratin and anti-aging plant proteins.

Treatment N°2 – a fluid rich in minerals with a high hydrating and restructuring power.


Mix 10 ml of No. 1 + 10 ml of No. 2 with a non-metallic instrument until you obtain a compact and homogeneous mousse. Wash and towel dry your hair, divide it into locks and distribute the mixture over the entire lengths, massaging gently. Leave on for 10 minutes, in more severe cases under a cap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry. 

The products can also be shaken in a plastic or glass container, keeping in mind that during the process there will be an increase in volume due to the transformation of the liquid into mousse.