Alomas Bio Concentreè Shampoo Biologico Volumizzante per Capelli Fini SENZA SLS E PARABENI – 1000 ml



The Alomas Bio volumizing Shampoo for fine and fragile hair, formulated with organic vegetable surfactants and essential oils, delicately cleanses, giving volume and shine to even the thinnest hair.


Hydrolyzed keratin, the main constituent of the hair, keratin is a protein characterized by high resistance and elasticity. The hydrolyzed form contained in our product is able to bind to the hair fiber, transferring its elasticity and structure characteristics to it. The stem becomes resistant and flexible, the appearance of the foliage is healthy and bright.

Wheat proteins, capable of binding to the hair structure, filling damaged areas, giving volume and body and closing the cuticles, for a healthy and full appearance.

Camellia Japonica essential oil, rich in vitamin E, strengthens the hair and allows the regeneration of the hair fiber which appears shiny and soft.

Free from SLS and parabens.

Formula free of SLS and parabens.


Apply 1/2 walnuts of product based on the length of the hair to wet hair, gently massage the scalp for a minute and rinse thoroughly with water.